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How to use CBD in your daily Breastfeeding Mom Routine

A review on Society's Plant CBD flower

This blog and product review is perfect for all Moms, especially breastfeeding ones. Moms who are seeking new relaxation techniques, who consume cannabis, or who are considering it. It's also perfect for those of us who consume herb regularly, care about the quality of our flower and are looking to add more purpose, calm and healing to our herbal rituals.

I recently joined a High Society Mama conversation on Clubhouse and shared with the group details about my cannabis use. How I have to work hard to maintain a budget for my herb medicine & how, although cannabis positively contributes to my day to day routine, I still experience anxiety from time to time. I shared how as a breastfeeding Mom and someone who cares about what goes into my body, it can also be a challenge to find clean, quality flower on a budget. Bianca, the owner of Society's plant and High Society Mama, heard my story and recommended I try her brand of flower, Society's Plant CBD. I placed my first order soon after and let me tell you, it did not disappoint and opened my eyes to new options for how I medicate.

That being said, I am excited tell you about my very first Society's Plant delivery! Here's what I received:

-1/2 oz. Hemp Flower - Strain : Boax Spectrum

-Hempettes - CBD pre-roll smokes

I grinded Boax before packing a bowl and let me tell you, the flower itself is so fluffy and pretty. I smoked it by itself (without my normal THC) and it was smooth with an earthy taste and aroma. It didn't get me "high" at all but it brought on instant calm and euphoria. I noticed a big difference after smoking a bowl of Boax in terms of anxiety. One of the reviews I saw before ordering said it felt as if consumer had been covered in a warm blanket after smoking Boax and that is so accurate! I felt instant calm, no racing heart or thoughts, lifted and ready to take on another day in the Madrehood.

I also tried smoking Boax spectrum by adding it into my THC supply. I paired it with one of my favorite strains, Wedding Cake. It's an indica dominant hybrid that helps with my appetite and anxiety. After two weeks of pairing Boax with my normal THC supply, I can happily say that it helped to stretch my supply to last longer and most importantly, it hit harder, and differently. No heart or thoughts racing, just a calm natural pick me up, leaving me ready to take on another day in momlife. I felt more present, patient and positive with my kids all day.

The hempettes are AMAZING and so cute! These cherry berry blossom CBD hemp pre rolls burn slow, hit smooth, smell heavenly and leave you walking on the clouds. I took a little THC tolerance break these last couple days and enjoyed a hempette morning and mid day day instead. This pretty little pre-roll took that "mom has had no weed all day please save me" edge right off and kept me calm and grounded until bedtime when I smoked my THC. I can't wait to take these hempettes with me outdoors somewhere to enjoy in a social setting with friends.

I've consumed only THC strains for the last decade so I really wasn't sure what CBD could do for me but I'm truly impressed. It's really beautiful to smoke flower that helps with anxiety and helps you to be a more present breastfeeding mom without getting you high.

Shoutout to the mother behind it all, Bianca aka High Society Mama. A major mother lover and supporter. She advocates for moms and cannabis use. Her and her husband are steady growing quality hemp on their breathtaking land along with a safe space and community for cannabis parents like me. I will forever keep Society's Plant CBD hemp in my routine going forward because of the quality of flower and what this amazing company and the owners stand for.

Try Society's Plant today follow my link :

and use my code BOOBS for the hookup.

Don't forget to check out my IG, TikTok and Youtube channels for the video content of this review! @boobelife . Also follow @HighSocietyMama on IG and Tiktok

Thank you for reading

Yours Truly,

Christina aka Boobelife

April 2021

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