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Fun things to do with your kids in Los Angeles

Updated: May 18, 2023

My name is Christina and I am a homeschooling Mom of 2 amazing kids! Dom 8 and Cam 6. We do a lot of school work at home that sometimes starts to feels boring and tedious, so we take fun trips like this often where we still learn and grow but aren't always at home. Follow me on Instagram and Tiktok for all things Momlife and Homeschooling.

Here are some really fun and exciting things to do with your kids in Los Angeles! Click the buttons for videos and read below for all of the details.

Part 1

We drove into Hollywood and up to the sign as close as we could at least using this route.

Then we drove back into Downtown Los Angeles in our car and parked at $10 parking lot across the street from Grand Central Market . We brought our own lunch, or else we would've eaten there.

We took the trolly up the street (instead of walking a big hill lol) to The Broad Museum. We saw a ton of cool art that kept the kids intrigued and they even got to create their own light shade box in the craft and reading corner downstairs.

We stopped at the museum gift shop and got a couple of cool things before taking the Angeles Flight trolly back down to Pershing Square so we could get our car and head to Little Tokyo. We got dinner there and did some shopping. It surprisingly started raining! Such a nice way to end the night. We walked around a bit and waited until about 7 to head out and start driving back home without traffic.

Part 2

We drove to the Metrolink Station in El Monte, CA where we bought our Metro pass for the day. $8 for adults, $6 for kids over 5. The train took us into Downtown LA in about 15 minutes. We got off at Union Station and explored for a little bit. Then I got a couple of maps so we could route our subway trip later. We crossed to Olvera Street to eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered guacamole and taquitos de papa ... so yumm.

After Olvera Street, we walked off lunch back to Union Station and took the Subway (Redline) to Pershing Square and walked up to The Broad Museum. (Its a steep walk for little ones). The Broad was super fun for the kids. We were greeted by an employee who had us scan a QR code so the kids could participate in an art scavenger hunt. They had to find several different things. Art with primary colors, art that provoked emotions like happiness sadness and laughter, art bigger than them,etc. We finished touring the museum and finding everything on the scavenger list in a little over an hour. My 8 year old and I wanted to stay longer but my 6 year was getting tired so we hit the gift shop and then started heading back. We took the Angeles Flight back down to Pershing Square instead of walking the hill down. Then we caught the Red line back to Union Station where we waited for the Metrolink to take us back to El Monte. We got our car from El Monte around 4 and headed back home. We were back in the Inland Empire before 5!

Such a fun day! Take note: lots of walking for the kids. Maybe too much for the little ones. Metrolink is clean and quiet with cool people mostly but the subway was super scary. Homeless and mentally ill everywhere but no one bothered us. Just stinky and creepy. My 6 year old was a creeped out at first but handled it really well :( It was crazy taking this route today with the kids cause I use to do the same route when I was 18-20 and going to FIDM! The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

If you have any questions about this trip or homeschooling your kids or finding fun this to do with them, find me on IG and TIKTOK and click all the links below!

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