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Easy Mouth Watering Watermelon Paloma Mocktail Recipe for today's Canna Madre

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and Latinas in Cannabis Day, I have the perfect recipe for you!

To the busy Canna Madre who is ready for a drink and some TLC this weekend, say adios to hangover and hola to chill with this yummy and super easy watermelon paloma mocktail! My Mom took the kids out for some fun last weekend and I had a quick lil Madre break to enjoy this mouth watering mama drink myself and let me tell you, it did not disappoint ;)

I found the creative inspiration to write like never before, chilled out to some music and cleaned the casa, and even got a super LIT @burnfittribe workout in that felt like a dance party for a hot minute. The kids came home to a super chill and happy Mama. If you try this recipe at home, make sure you make some to save some time to get creative or just chill out because you deserve it! Dont forget to tag #DrinkAguaDeFlor @AguaDeFlor on Instagram if you post your remix on this delicious recipe that celebrates our heritage and brings lots of peace love and YUM to the hardworking MADRES out there! Que #VivaLaMadre #BOOBELIFE

Fill shaker with ice

Add watermelon, grapefruit, lime and agave nectar

Shake it up, taste and add more ingredients if necessary

Run lime or watermelon wedge around cup rim

Dip into Tajin until coated

Add a little Squirt before shake, or after if you prefer more.

Garnish with watermelon, citrus slices and your favorite mexican candy ;)

Don't forget to take care of yourself and treat yourself Mami! Canna Companies like Agua De Flor, La Familia Chocolate are out here supporting Madres in our LA OC AND IE communities and are here to provide you quality herbal healing. Next time you need your flower medicine, check them out on WEEDMAPS and on INSTAGRAM to place your next delivery order or to lookup your nearest dispensary that carries PRODUCTS OF LOS ANGELES products. For 10% off your next SHOP BOOBELIFE x ETSY purchase, use code THANKYOU :) Happy Hispanic Heritage Month and Latinas in Cannabis Day (Sept.30)

Cause #MadresAreEssential



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