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To the single parent that thought they could change someone

I am a single parent because I chose spend a decade of my life & have two children with someone who has always had PTSD from a traumatic childhood, substance abuse and mental health problems that I was more than willing to work on with him but they were and still are not. You can't help someone heal until they choose to do so themselves. It won't be easy but what is?! You can continue to heal yourSELF and raise your kids right so they don't need healing. You can get through these trying times and evolve and manifest far beyond what you could've ever imagined for yourself and your family.

Stop wasting your time precious energy and time arguing with addicts, compulsive liars, and toxic people who I totally understand why you love so much but don't respect your boundaries, time, energy and efforts. They will try and turn everything around on YOU as if you did this or like your boundaries are acts of war but fear not, stay strong in faith and in YOURSELF. YOU DESERVE FAR MORE THAN RUNNING IN CIRCLES AND ALL OF THIS MESS THEY CAUSE THROUGH AVOIDING HEALING. They deserve more too....but they will need to discover & nurture their worth in their own time just are you are experiencing now. You were not wrong for loving them hard and having faith that they could change! You are beautiful for that! Don't give up. CHERISH THIS MOMENT OF GROWTH AND BLESSINGS WITH YOURSELF. Keep doing the hard but rewarding work. Keep showing these kids an amazingly strong bad ass parent. Stay as open and honest with your kids as you can. Keep pouring into yourself and your children. Keep praying and believing in God and his divine plans for you and those beautiful babies you have and their other parent. Keep your boundaries strong and continue to envision and allow in only the most pure and uplifting people, energies and experiences for you and your kids while you're together, alive, healthy and thriving. YOU FKN GOT THIS . HERE FOR YOU


Christina aka Boobelife

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