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8 Boob and Bra Hacks you need to know NOW

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

As someone with Boobs, you know that even the simple tasks are a lot harder when they get in the way! From trying to fasten your bra while wrangling kids and getting dressed in the morning to conquering tank tops without worrying about spilling out-- let's be honest- we need ALL THE HACKS. Well, no worries love, I've got you covered with 8 boob and bra hacks that are so AMAZING they'll save you stress AND time -- every day! So buckle up and keep reading; these BOOBLIFE tips will make life with boobs easier than ever before.

  1. Mesh Bra Washing Bags are prefect for taking care of and preserving your bras . I've ruined so many of my favorite bras by washing them with the rest of the laundry. I broke several metal clasps and straps this way. Zip your bra up in a mesh bag before throwing it into the washer and never worry about broken or awkward bras again.

  2. Bra re-sizing accessories for those of us who fluctuate in weight often. I have always gone up and down in weight since childhood and especially before during and after both pregnancies. If you're like me and your boob and bra size changes often, keep a jar of different bra re-sizing accessories on hand like clasp and strap shorteners and extenders. This way you don't have to bra shop as often and can make use of the same favorite bras you have even if you go up or down a little in size temporarily. That being said, sis, you also MUST know that when the size difference is vast, just get the new bra okayyy!

  3. Bra Hanger for space saving and preserving your bra. Cramping all of your bras into a drawer makes it challenging to pick your bras of the day with easy and inspiration. This can also ruin your bra shape or get clasps and straps caught and/or tangled. Save space and create a more organized space for your bras with bra hangers. Have a separate hangers for sports bras, bralettes, everyday and xxx ;).

  4. Days OFF for tired breastfeeding mamas in pain and stressed out- When you're in the new mom stages and the boobies are still adjusting to breastfeeding, give them their own personal days off for healing, peace and comfort. Give yourself an essential oil boob rub and wear a breast milk catcher to preserve any milk for bottle feedings instead of losing it.

  5. Wearable Portable Breastfeeding Pump for bottle feeding and boob vacations lol! when mouth to boob was just too much , milk catchers and wearable pumps saved my life! Also convenient for today's busy, on the go, breastfeeding mamas. They are much more reasonably priced now.

  6. Essential Oil Boob Rubs are incredible for anyone with boobs! They were great when I was a breastfeeding mama giving her boobs days off. They increase blood flow and can even help tone and tighten the boobs and can also help find any concerning lumps or growths that could exist.

  7. Curvy girl Bras for full coverage be sure to do your research and try/find different curvy girl companies that offer full coverage and different styles and sizes OTHER that what you find at your day to day stores like Target and the mall. One of my very favs for style and comfort is CURVYCOUTUREINTIMATES. Full coverage yet still cute and sexy and prices are great!

  8. Tata Towels for comfort and convenience around the house. I can't say enough amazing things about TATATOWELS . The perfect boob holder and solution for under boob sweat and getting ready around the house or just letting the girls hag out lol. MUST HAVE for ANYONE with boobs. TRULY.

I hope these 8 boob and bra hacks have been helpful! I know they've helped me a ton. If you're looking for even more tips, follow BOOBELIFE on Tiktok or find a bra fitting professional! They'll be able to tell you exactly what size and style of bra will work best for your body type. In the meantime, try one of these hacks and let me know which one has helped your boobs the most. Thanks for reading! Christina aka BOOBELIFE!

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