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6 Ways the Busy Mom can start prioritizing Self Love NOW

Are you ready to start putting yourself at the top of the list way more? Here are 6 quick tips from a single, breastfeeding, multiple job working, self love making mama:

1. Speak up. Protect your peace. Say NO to others and YES to you! It may seem scary at first if it's not something you're used to but with practice you get more confident each time! Speaking up for yourself and keeping your boundaries with EVERYONE is an everyday act of self love just as important as brushing your teeth!

2. Stop feeling bad about asking for help and getting it. It's easy to get discouraged when no one is jumping for joy to help you with your kids but if you can work through that, I promise you'll get better at asking for help and being direct about what you need. When you can get clear with your goals and the areas where you need support, it will be easier for others get on board. I joined Mom communities online & in person that help so much with growing my courage to begin asking for & taking more help without guilt.

3. Look at your budget and outsource for help where you can. Childcare, laundry, cleaning, cooking, or work. Look into your budget to see if, where and when you can make room for outsourcing help in there. We can't do it all but we can create a village that hel

ps us make it happen. Its been almost 2 years since becoming a single mama and I am finally ready to hire house cleaning help as well as a 2 day a week enrichment program for the kids, while I work or run errands.

4. Plan better! Even if you don't plan the WHOLE week or stick to the schedule 100%, it will help increase your week's success rate of awesomeness with some sort of a plan. Also, solidifying time for ONLY YOU in the week is just as important as doing it for your kids. Make sure you're signed up for my email list and subscribed to my YouTube channel for a free weekly planner download this Friday that will help you create a clear layout of how you want your week to go and where you can make time for you!

5. Get creative with life. Do things differently. New experiences. Switch up the schedule. Try something new for yourself. The guidance & direction you are seeking with unfold when you make space within yourself and Ma

dres have to get creative with

how we do that these days! I hired a creative coach ! Again, the mom communities that I joined online and in person have been so helpful in giving me creative new ideas when it comes to all of the above. speaking up, planning meals and weeks, making time for me, all of it!

6. De-clutter your mind, body, spirit, home, life! Anything crowding your space needs to go bye bye if your goal is to make space for fresh new chapters to your story. Baby steps, mama!

If you have another valuable piece of advice for busy moms trying to prioritize themselves

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