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6 Cannabis Mom Myths: How Canna Moms Are Crushing the Stigma

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

The labeling of cannabis Moms has created tons of myths and stigmas around our motherhood journeys. I remember the first time I was shamed for being a canna mom. My first born was 2 months old and I was looking for help at a breastfeeding support group. I thought I could open up to other Moms about my cannabis consumption and how it was helping my mental and physical health but I regretted that decision immediately because I was judged, labeled and felt very much alone. That's one of the reasons why I am so passionate about using the Boobelife platform to advocate for breastfeeding and cannabis moms. It's a shame that we deal with so much stigma around our cannabis consumption because we are truly some of the most educated, positive and creative moms out there! It's time to get real about the myths out there around Cannabis and Motherhood. Keep reading for 6 Canna Moms Myths that need to be rolled up, smoked up and put out once and for all.

1. Canna Moms are HIGH All Day - F A L S E

While some moms who use cannabis may very well be medicated all day , the majority are NOT high all day and some aren't even high at all. There are moms out there who only use hemp and CBD products that do not cause psychoactive effects but are incredibly beneficial with easing pain, symptoms of anxiety and depression. My favorite non- psychoactive, filtered, hemp CBD pre-rolls are consciously grown and infused with cherry blossom for a floral experience. I love smoking those mid week, mid day, after homeschooling the kids or after a drink or two on the weekend. You can shop for those at @Society’sPlant.

Micro dosing is also becoming increasingly popular and more normal for today’s canna mom. For those of you not familiar with the term just yet, it's the practice of consuming very small amounts of a substance at a time in order to explore and benefits from its positive physiological effects while minimizing any potential, less than desirable effects. Everyone is different and it’s important that you find strains, products and brands that work FOR you and not against you and the mind, body, spirit benefits you're trying to achieve. Microdosing allows you to explore those goals and effects. When it comes to microdosing with edibles, I have a very select few brands that I truly enjoy and stand by. One of those companies is Products of Los Angeles. Latino owned, Cali based and quality made. Their flavors are culturally and traditionally inspired and literally remind me of my abuelita. I consume small amounts of my Products of LA agua fresca or chocolate throughout the day to remain calm, present and in tune with myself and my kids throughout the day. I have been prescribed anxiety and depression medications, however, they only increased my symptoms instead of helping. Microdosing with edibles has been much more beneficial in calming anxiety and uplifting me mentally spiritually, emotionally and physically.

2.Cannabis is addictive-TRUE & FALSE because anything can be addictive. Legal drugs like prescription pills, nicotine and alcohol can also be addictive and a gateway to other things. Socially acceptable substances like caffeine and sugar are also addictive. Balancing our intake of the substances we consume and habits we have, good and bad, is everyday work. It involves constantly checking in with our current self and state. Am I consuming for the right reasons? Too much? Too little? I recently felt like I was smoking too much flower throughout the day without as much intention. I picked up on this when I was smoking more frequently and found it was not helping as much as it usually does with stress and anxiety and keeping me calm with the kids. It was time to switch up my strains. I also found myself smoking a lot more for the same effects. Because of this, I’ve been trying to lower my tolerance by smoking less throughout the day and creating other positive habits to break the cycle for a bit and then in a week or two I can switch it up again as needed. Just like prescription meds, you have to constantly check in with yourself to make sure you're taking in the proper dose via the proper method and that the dose and consistency is working for you. Using too much cannabis is pretty much impossible in my mind...it's more about "how is it making you feel" and if you're consistently checking in with yourself to make sure you're consuming consciously, responsibly, with intention and that your doses are working with you. When you're empowered and in tune with YOU, educated on what you're consuming, how often and how much, how could you even call that an addiction? An interesting journey I love to follow is that of @crystaldomi. She is a creative coach for Moms and tells about her cannabis journey from time to time. She had to stop consuming cannabis for a year in order to heal and find her purpose and intention with the plant again. She now microdoses more regularly but not daily and that works for her!

3.Stoner Moms are unproductive and irresponsible- FALSE

Just like any other bad ass mom, canna moms do all the things, however for me personally, the things are done with more compassion and creativity with cannabis. There are strains out there that will help inspire you to get through the day with a refreshing, new perspective. I love sativa and CBD strains during the day to help relax me, yet give me energy to be super mom, work multiple jobs and still take care of ME.

We are the game changers. Not only do canna moms hold down the home and family, they are increasingly leading cannabis reform efforts in the United States. Across the country, mothers are pushing through laws allowing for the use of THC or CBD for children with illnesses like epilepsy. There are Moms out around the world advocating for the cannabis criminal justice reform because there are parents currently incarcerated and separated from their children due to non violent, cannabis related charges.

That being said, the days of assuming canna moms are lazy stoners are going away for good! Whether we're talking about stay at home moms, breastfeeding moms, homeschooling moms, CEO's of successful companies and leaders of large movements, Canna moms are the epitome of bad ass doing big things and absolutely not just sitting at home doing nothing with their amazing energy and perspective! We are doing big things out here and society and recognizing that more now.

One of my favorite canna moms doing big things is @cannabisandparenthood. You can find her on IG, sharing news studies, dissecting harder ones, educating her platform on cannabis, parenthood and breastfeeding with cannabis.

4. Canna Moms are avoiding reality- FALSE

The misconception that we are disconnected from our kids is one of the biggest when it comes to Canna moms - Cannabis helps us to be more present and in tune. When used consciously, cannabis is a wellness tool that supports our emotional and mental growth and expansion, helping us to be more loving and emotionally sound human beings. Antidepressants are not for everyone and made me feel like a zombie, whereas Cannabis had the opposite effect. Cannabis helps many mothers relax and let go of the unnecessary insecurities, worries and doubts, while making room for positivity, patience, creativity and confidence! A more positive, patient, creative and confident mom is beneficial to our children in so many ways! Not all moms have use cannabis as a wellness tool but there are those of us who prefer cannabis because it allows us the clarity and peace to be truly PRESENT with ourselves and our kids. It makes being present easier during stressful day to day moments. Cannabis helps me stay calm, have a better sense of humor and give myself more grace about staying present and calm throughout the day.

5. We just like getting high - F A L S E

While, being high on cannabis is undoubtedly awesome, most of us canna moms are just trying to find the right wellness tools to help us be the best Moms and women out there, for ourselves first but also for our families, communities and generations to come! Some canna moms are using cannabis to help them through radiation and chemo therapies, injuries, PTSD, etc. Other Moms have autoimmune diseases like Lupus and Fibromyalgia that are easing their symptoms with CBD and THC . Check out one of my favorites, @bakestermomma. She grows her own ingredients and flower on her farm and makes delicious edibles and non canna goodies while sharing her beautiful motherhood journey with cannabis. Some moms only use CBD and experience absolutely no high, while other moms may choose to be high all day for their symptoms. High or not, canna moms are some of the dopest ;)

6. Our Kids are negatively affected by our cannabis consumption - F A L S E

When a mom is happy, healthy and taking care of her mind body and spirit balance, she is raising children who are more compassionate and creative. Our kids need to see us happy, healthy, creating, inspired, helping ourselves so we can help others! Cannabis has been the greatest wellness tool for getting me through pregnancy, breastfeeding, separation, anxiety, depression, being newly single and finding me again. This has affected my family in the most positive of ways! My kids are smart, healthy, confident and compassionate.

Maya Angelou wrote about her experience with cannabis in “Gather Together in My Name,” her autobiography. Angelou had a difficult childhood and became a single mom in her teens, wrote: “Smoking grass eased the strain for me…. From a natural stiffness I melted into a grinning tolerance. Walking on the streets became high adventure, eating my mother’s huge dinners an opulent entertainment, and playing with my son was side-cracking hilarity. For the first time, life amused me.”

Moms are out here are over worked, underappreciated, misunderstood, judged and shamed, when truly we deserve to be feeling like our very best selves! We deserve to feel inspired, supported, acknowledged and understood everyday, not just on federal Holidays. Even if certain parts of the world claim to be “progressive”, the stigmas associated with being a cannabis mom is still very much there. Stories of the effects from those stigmas can be described as cold looks and opinions from other parents to the traumatizing Child Protective Service experiences separating families.

When we are confident and educated in our decision to consume cannabis as mothers, we are making progress and changing the game. When we talk about these misconceptions and share openly for those of us who can't or aren't ready, we are breaking stigmas around cannabis and motherhood and making space for others to speak up too. It's time to get real about the myths out there around Cannabis and Motherhood because canna moms are doing awesome things and raising amazing kids for our future! Now that you've read this blog, go enjoy some Maryjane and support your local Canna Mom.

Thank you for reading !

Chrisitina aka Boobelife

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