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Digital Creator - Latina- Homeschooling- Solo Parenting - Advocate for Cannabis Moms and breast healtgh..

Creator of brand and community @boobelife est. 2014.

On @ChristinaTitaLopez  I  am a mom influencer I share my journey and everything I do authentically. I create content that is relatable for Moms, Latinas and homeschoolers. I create and share reels, tiktoks, reviews, recipes, etc .I share products and experiences from my daily life as a content creating, homeschooling, canna mom! 


I also have experience helping  others create digital content and organize their ideas into content.


I create content in honor of B00Bs and share breast health content and topics on BOOBELIFE.COM.

Feel free to email me or use the contact form to reach me for content work and influencer collaborations


Christina aka Boobelife


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