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Hola, I'm Christina :) At 11 years old, I got my period and my boobies:)  Now, I am a Mom of 2 who had 2 completely different breastfeeding experiences. Learning to truly love my boobs at all stages of life is an everyday act of self love. My boobs have been and still are a huge part of learning to love myself and others unconditionally. My mission in everything I do and create is to celebrate & advocate for BOOBS and all of us going through our evolution with boob stories and experiences to share.


Society today, is not particularly designed to support those of us who choose to trust and love our selves wholeheartedly and make more of the unpopular decisions per society's standards, i.e. loving your boobs as they are, breastfeeding, etc.  Through the Boobelife platform, community and brand, we are changing the way WE and the world views and treats boobs, celebrating them and breaking stigmas one titty at a time!

@Boobelife, the online platform, community and brand.





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